Playa Del Carmen, Mexico – December 17th, 2012

inLoop BPM Festival

inLoop is now your main guide to all events at Playa Del Carmen at the BPM festival. During the week at Playa Del Carmen, stay ahead of the party scene by checking out event listings directly from your mobile phone. Find your favorite Dj, lookup what’s going at the local clubs – we have the info you need!

With inLoop, you can plan your itenerary way in advance, so that you can figure out which type of tickets you need to purchase. The following packages are now available:

*  3 Day Pass
*  7 Day Pass
*  10 Day Pass

Tickets are going fast. Get them now before they are sold out!

London, UK – December 7th, 2012

inLoop is going international with the introduction of major party centers all over the world. From London to Ibiza, from San Francisco to Tokyo, we’ve got what you need to find the party you want when and where you want it! Regions in the United Kingdom and Italy are especially stocked with all the latest info about upcoming parties for New Year’s Eve and beyond.

This was a release long time in the making, with inLoop’s global reach steadily expanding to cover major cities around the globe. Below is our current list of supported regions with a lot more on the way:

•  Amsterdam
•  Atlantic City
•  Barcelona
•  Berlin
•  Chicago
•  Ibiza
•  Las Vegas
•  Leeds
•  London
•  Los Angeles
•  Manchester
•  Melbourne
•  Mexico
•  Miami
•  Milan
•  Moscow
•  Munich
•  Naples
•  New York
•  Paris
•  Rome
•  San Francisco
•  Sydney
•  Tokyo
•  Toronto

The party is now Global and its never been easier!

New York City, NY – December 3rd, 2012

inLoop New Year

inLoop’s New Year’s in New York is always marked by wild celebrations in the hottest venues all over the city, and now finding those parties has never been easier. With inLoop you can plan your New Year’s Eve in advance, or on the go at New Year’s end on December 31st, going from after party to after party. All the info you need is right there in your pocket, with advanced tickets and guest list available at the press of a button.

It’s no secret that New Yorkers love to party, so our December calendar is fully stocked with great things to do throughout the month, culminating with the most action packed New Year’s Eve ever.

Don’t miss out on these great events – Download and be in the Loop!

New York City, NY – November 18th, 2012

Celebrate Thanksgiving with brand new party options on the west coast! Check out major events in New York, Atlantic City, Miami, and the Chicago area. inLoop, in collaboration with Wantickets and ClubTickets is helping you Celebrate Thanksgiving like never before!

Advanced tickets are now available through our Mobile apps for all major events.

New York City, NY – November 4th, 2012

inLoop pays tribute to Hurricane Sandy victims with a special promotion to donate to those stricken by this disaster. Support NYC and help the community with your donations. Check out events listed in November dedicated to Hurricane Sandy victims.

New York City, NY – October 30th, 2012

inLoop is announcing a major affiliate partnership deal this Halloween with ClubTickets. Now our event listings are better than ever! Browse new New York City listings in Pacha and Cielo, purchase tickets or put yourself on a guest list with a click of a button. Planning your party itinerary has never been easier. And to top it all off, we are planning major changes in the month of November, starting with brand new international regions. Be on the lookout for new region options:

•  London
•  Ibiza
•  Berlin
•  Milan
•  Mexico

Download now and be in the Loop!

New York City, NY – September 29th, 2012

inLoop, with collaboration from Wantickets, is launching a highly anticipated ticketing service this October. The following geographical regions are planning to be covered in the initial phase:

•  New York
•  Atlantic City
•  Miami
•  Las Vegas

That’s right – inLoop is moving beyond New York, and the introduction of Wantickets events, the journey is only beginning! Future versions of the application will enable event more regions outside of the United States.

Stay tuned for further updates…

New York City, NY – September 1st, 2012

EDM Insider rates inLoop as #1 mobile platform for EDM event planning and ticket purchases. As the season picks up, stay tuned for more cool features from inLoop and its affiliates.
New York City, NY – August 29th  2012

inLoopNYC, Inc. proudly announced the launch of their highly anticipated mobile app, inLoop – an easy way to find, discover and share New York City’s best underground parties. The mobile application, designed for the iPhone and Android 2.2 and up, offers an array of tools to make planning your nightlife a simple and fun experience.

With rich content and a rapidly growing user base, inLoop is capturing the attention of DJs, partygoers, venues and promoters.

“Our mission is to provide clients with event and guest list access and information,” said Boris Paskar, CEO of inLoop. “For promoters, it’s like having a stack of flyers in your pocket at all times.”

Just on the heels of this successful launch, an imminent release is planned to include advanced ticket sales and exclusive private party listings right through the application.


- Find underground music events in your area, organized by date, style and genre
- Plan your party itinerary more than a month in advance
- Get listed for upcoming events by the press of a button
- Keep track of your party schedule in ‘My Events’
- Browse event listings without an internet connection; literally, in a warehouse or a subway
- Search for events by artist, venue and party name
- Get map and directions to a club, private party or a rave
- Follow your favorite DJs by knowing when and where they perform next
- Liked a party and want to check it out again? Search for it as it moves from venue to venue